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* If I was an Illinois Democrat, I would be really concerned right now. At least concerned enough to not go on vacation after winning the primary. It will be interesting to see how they react now that they know how thin the ice is in Dem-leaning states.

* If I was an Illinois Republican, I would keep in mind that Scott Brown is a left-leaning Republican even in a state where Republicans are generally more moderate than their counterparts in other states. Boris Shor: “What this shows, however, is that the conservative base in the United States, far from dragging their party moblike into an unelectable extreme, has made the decentralized decision to support the realistically best candidate they can relative to the context in which he’s being elected.”

* I can’t help but think that if a female candidate had ever turned up in a major magazine in her birthday suit, the media would be having a collective panic attack, and we would be suffering through endless terrible think pieces about sexuality.

* Roy Edroso, as always, puts it beautifully: “Scott Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate.” And if you think he’s kidding, you haven’t noticed that this morning the Democratic party saw its shadow and decided that there’s to be six more years of winter.

* Also, what The Private Intellectual and Athenae said. Especially the part about “going back to People School.”

Update: ruh-roh.

Update II: Definitely worth reading: Daniel Larison and this DKos diarist, both on the local aspect of the race.

Update III: This explains a lot.