• Joe Raymond/AP Photos
  • Former Notre Dame president Father Theodore Hesburgh

It’s been said and repeated a million times: No one on their deathbed wished they’d spent more time in the office.

But it’s a silly idea. I believe many a life that’s been frittered away shuts down with just that spasm of regret. And anyone lucky enough to have worked in a good office relishes the memory. I speak personally. A newsroom is a good office.

I’ve just read the long AP obituary for Father Theodore Hesburgh, which ran in the Sun-Times and other papers. This passage caught my eye:

Hesburgh died late Thursday night on the school’s campus in South Bend. Hesburgh had lost his sight and had been slowing down, yet he still celebrated Mass daily and showed up at his campus office every day until last week, said the Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s current president.

“We knew when he wasn’t going to the office, that was a sign,” Jenkins said.

Hesburgh was 97. Please don’t hesitate to point out that he didn’t have grandchildren.