From a rhetorical standpoint, the second part of Adam Curtis’s All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (which you can watch here) is an even greater disaster than the first. It begins and ends with grand proclamations that Curtis can’t possibly support, each one speaking about the whole of humanity as though it were a single person. It’s worth quoting at length from Curtis’s concluding monologue of the episode, which epitomizes his line of thought: “Now, in our age, we are all disillusioned with politics, and this [self-]organizing principle has risen up to be the ideology of our age. But what we are discovering is that if we see ourselves as components in a system that it is very difficult to change the world. It is a very good way of organizing things—even rebellions—but it offers no ideas of what comes next. And… it leaves us helpless in the faces of those already in power in the world.”