Last Thursday and Friday were so cold I sympathize with Cesar Ruelase, the local who, disgusted with Tom Skilling’s penchant for predicting weather less foul than the reality, has launched a campaign to demote him from meteorologist to “weather guesser.” Things brightened when I hit the new Pilsen storefront Dia de los Tamales, now going on its third week. Here are tamales about as far from the wares of the Tamale Guy as you can imagine: for example, there’s an Italian beef tamale, a cheeseburger tamale, and a chocolate-peanut butter tamale.

Also behind the “rock ‘n’ roll” catering company Get Off the Couch, husband and wife Sam and Jeni Wahl and their partner and chef, Keith Carlson, have been working the Pilsen Community Market for the last couple years, trying out specials such as the chile relleno tamale (now dubbed “the People’s Choice”). They’ll continue to offer select varieties at the market this summer; meanwhile, the full roster’s available at the storefront.