From Christy LeMaster, programmer of the Nightingale, comes late word of a special screening. Pedro Costa’s recent music doc Change Nothing will be shown Saturday at 8 PM at Cinema Borealis, 1550 N. Milwaukee, fourth floor. Critic Gabe Klinger will introduce the screening and discuss the film afterward with critic Jonathan Rosenbaum. Suggested donation is $10; for more information call 573-289 4329.

“Leave it to Pedro Costa (In Vanda’s Room, Colossal Youth) to achieve a painterly beauty with the oddest of formats, black-and-white digital video,” wrote Ben Sachs in his Reader review. “His low-contrast imagery isolates the subjects in pools of warm shadow and gives them the haunting sense of existing outside of time. The accomplished French actress Jeanne Balibar (best known for her work with Jacques Rivette and Olivier Assayas) appears here in her side career as a singer, rehearsing and performing with the avant-pop musicians who make up her backing band. More an experimental feature than a documentary, the movie depicts their creative process as a series of discrete actions, each with its own logic. The results are mesmerizing, though rarely abstract: Costa, a former rock musician himself, understands the democratic impulse behind any good band and the simple grace of hard work.”