• Alfre Woodard in The Killing Floor (1984), screening next Thursday at University of Chicago Film Studies Center

This week I write long on God Bless America, the lacerating new comedy from Bobcat Goldthwait. We also have new capsule reviews of Bad Fever, an indie drama about a small-town loser who wants to be a stand-up comedian; Close Quarters, a locally produced comedy with improv veterans Tim Kazurinsky, Susan Messing, Dave Pasquesi, and T.J. Jagodowski; Dark Shadows, Tim Burton’s big-screen remake of the supernatural soap opera; Headhunters, a Norwegian thriller about a corporate recruiter who doubles as an art thief; The Killing Floor, a historical drama about labor troubles at the Chicago stockyards during the World War I era; The Perfect Family, with Kathleen Turner as a mother whose gay daughter and philandering son threaten her chances of being named Catholic Woman of the Year; Sound of My Voice, in which a couple of documentarians try to infiltrate a cult; and The World in His Arms, a 1952 adventure by the great Raoul Walsh, with Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn.