• Kissed by Lightning

The annual First Nations Film and Video Festival, which showcases work by Native American artists, opened last night at DePaul University’s Naperville campus, and continues here in Chicago with two more programs Friday and Saturday. Tonight at DePaul University, the festival will present Rod Pocowatchit’s The Dead Can’t Dance, a fanciful tale about three men who are the only ones left standing after a mysterious gust of wind turns everyone else on earth into zombies. Along with Sonya Oberly’s short Burn the Wagon, it screens tonight at 6 PM at DePaul University Center for Digital Media, 257 S. State, #LL103.

The festival continues tomorrow at 1 PM at the National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 W. 19th Street. Burn the Wagon screens again, along with two other shorts—Nanobah Becker’s Conversion and Kate Kroll’s Shi-Shi-Etko—and Shelley Niro’s feature-length drama Kissed by Lightning, about a Mohawk painter trying to adjust after the mysterious disappearance of her husband.

All programs are free; for more information check out the festival web site.