• She wants to be you—but would you want to be her?

Melissa McCarthy knows how to use her bulk; she hurls herself around the screen as dangerously as Chris Farley or John Belushi, and I can’t think of any woman in American movie comedy quite like her. She also registers some credibly poignant moments in this otherwise rote feature, which exhausts most of the comic potential from identity theft in the first 20 minutes and then turns into a solid but unexceptional road picture. Jason Bateman costars as a Denver family man who loses his corporate job after McCarthy’s character, a wacko in Winter Park, Florida, steals his identity and runs up enormous debts in his name; in a rather unlikely turn of events, his boss grants him a one-week reprieve so he can travel out to Florida, bring her back, and clear himself. Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) directed; with Robert Patrick as a bearded skip tracer chasing the two antagonists. A trailer follow the jump.