The press screening for In Time wasn’t in time for this week’s issue, but Andrea Gronvall has the scoop: “Clever and unsettling, this thriller by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Lord of War) takes place in a dystopian future when humans have been bioengineered to stop aging at 25 years; after that, they’re allowed to live only 12 more months, though minutes can be added or deducted like currency through an embedded digital timer (a bus fare shaves two hours off your life, a sports car 59 years). Justin Timberlake stars as a Dayton working stiff, Olivia Wilde as his hottie mom, Vincent Kartheiser as one of the world’s oldest (i.e. richest) men, and Amanda Seyfried as his closely guarded daughter, who rebels with a vengeance. Not surprisingly, the action never stops.”