Director Garry Marshall and screenwriter Katherine Fugate return to the formula of their rom-com hit Valentine’s Day, putting another demographically chosen ensemble of stars through a half dozen story lines that all take place on the title day. No one familiar with Marshall’s movies (Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries) will come to this expecting Lubitsch, but even with the bar lowered, this seems appallingly bad, a lazy assortment of weak punch lines, sentimental music cues, and trite situations (Robert De Niro as a terminally ill man yearning for his estranged daughter, Ashton Kutcher and Lea Michele as antagonists stuck in an elevator, etc). The sole bright spot is Seth Meyers and Jessica Biel as a husband and wife who hope to deliver their baby immediately after midnight so they can claim a $25,000 prize. Meyers, the head writer of Saturday Night Live, quite obviously threw out Fugate’s script pages and started over, which makes you wish everyone else in the cast had done the same.