• Alicia Vikander and Samuel Foler in Pure

There are enough juvenile delinquents in this year’s European Union Film Festival that they could make up their own sidebar event. Wayward teens are the main characters of Belle Épine and Avé, playing next week, and they make appearances in Innocence, Cousinhood, and Blood of My Blood (they’re also the focus of Clip, a Serbian film that recently won an award at the Rotterdam Film Festival). Are there more bad kids in Europe now, or have they just gotten more photogenic? Regardless, these movies feature plenty of good-looking young adults undressing or talking about sex, and they’re sure to provoke charges of exploitation as well as defenses of their underlying humanism. With the exception of the relatively chaste Avé, all of them straddle exploitation and humanism in such a way that neither label seems particularly accurate—ultimately, they occupy the same moral gray zone as the films of Larry Clark.