• For once it’s the teddy bear doing the squeezing

The Christmas wish of a lonely eight-year-old boy brings his new teddy bear to life; 27 years later they’re still inseparable, blowing bongs on the couch every morning and endlessly rewatching the kitsch classic Flash Gordon (1980). Mark Wahlberg gives a sweet performance as the overgrown kid, whose bromance with his loutish stuffed animal threatens to derail his relationship with long-suffering girlfriend Mila Kunis. But the real star of this rowdy, energetic comedy is Seth MacFarlane—creator of the TV sitcom Family Guy—who wrote, directed, and supplies the voice of the crude, hedonistic bear. MacFarlane gets an impressive amount of comic mileage from having a plush toy talk like a Boston low-life, though for gut laughs nothing compares to the brutal, frantic, and completely wordless fight scene between Wahlberg and his little buddy in a cheap hotel room. An R-rated trailer follows the jump.