The headless skeleton that long occupied the deteriorating coffin now rests in an Indianapolis laboratory, where researchers hope to finally solve a lingering mystery.

Did Belle Gunness, a La Porte, Ind., murderess known for killing Norwegian bachelors, stage her own death in 1908 by soaking her farmhouse with kerosene and burning it to the ground?

A University of Indianapolis forensic anthropology grad student is attempting to find out what really happened to La Porte’s Norwegian bachelor farmer killer. The Trib has the story; Court TV’s–sorry, “truTV”‘s–always compelling Crime Library has a much longer narrative on Gunness. It’s seamy but it doesn’t include lines like “We are fascinated and appalled at the same time by serial killers.” More seamy, surprisingly: the La Porte County Historical Society’s page. There was, up until recently, a “all-female midtempo-thrash metal band” from the Netherlands called Belle Gunness.