Syl Johnson came and sang a record to me the other day — how many people can claim to that? He came and sang over an instrumental that had been released, but the vocal had never been released. He made something that publicly never existed before. And even though our core listeners are a mostly younger crowd, we’re drawing from history that is dying — these people are literally dying. We have to do this now — you may be around in sixty years, but these artists won’t, and you’ve gotta get this stuff down while you can.

Dan Morgridge has a great interview over at Gapers Block with Ken Shipley and Rob Sevier from the Numero Group, a label that’s done amazing work in finding almost-lost music from around the world. Their compilation Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label inspired one of my favorite Reader cover stories of all time, Bob Mehr’s “The Godfather of King Drive.” Print it and read it on the commute–it’s long but amazing.