“All this, then, is to ask the following question: what should we make of the fact that Barrack Obama, the now presumptive democratic nominee for president, who both explicitly identifies with Kennedy and faces the same type of problem as Kennedy did (the problem of being identified as “merely” a minority and elitist candidate), said that Omar was his favorite character on The Wire? What kind of latent ideological power is he tapping?

“I ask this question, of course, not to try to answer it (as these folks have) but because I have a thesis that sets it up: Omar is a cowboy.”

If you underthink it, the obvious answer is that Omar is funny, daring, and charismatic and, so, he’s an obvious favorite character (mine is Lester Freamon, it’s an aspirational thing). If you perhaps overthink it, it’s pretty interesting nonetheless. (h/t Moacir)