Last week Andrew Bird and Dianogah played an Obama fund-raiser at the Hideout. Tickets started at $100, but in return for their donation concertgoers got to go home with one of 236 screenprinted show posters by local artist Kathleen Judge. The few that weren’t given away are now up for auction (click on the “posters” link), and the proceeds will go straight to Barry’s campaign. Because of the political-donation angle, there are limits on who can bid–foreigners, corporations, PACs, banks, and other organizations that want to show love for violin-based art-pop and Kennedy-esque politicians will have to look elsewhere.

The Hideout’s schedule is heavy on the good-deeds-doing at the moment. Zebo, the Gutter Butter DJs, and a few other people are spinning a dance party on Thursday to benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Saturday is the bar’s annual send-off party for Chicago bands heading down to SXSW, with 12 hours of live music by and for acts bound for the festival–the artists will get some cash and supplies to help them on the trip down to Texas.