Hot Rocks on reel-to-reel
  • “Hot Rocks” on reel-to-reel

In the music world, technologies that go obsolete have a tendency not to stay that way. Pretty much every piece of performance or recording gear that’s ever been made outdated by something newer and allegedly better has, after a period of dormancy (and affordability to less cash-flush musicians and aficionados), roared back into fashion at price points that would have been completely unbelievable before. Consider analog synthesizers, which were considered the cutting edge in sonic tech right up till the moment digital synths hit the marketplace, when they suddenly became next to worthless in the popular opinion of music pros. When a younger generation of musicians started picking them up secondhand a decade or so later they became immensely fetishized, and now the idea of picking up a Moog or an ARP in a pawn shop for less than your monthly electric bill seems like a deranged fantasy.