• Groundbreaking Triple Double Oreo

This week the Chicago Tribune published a tribute to the Oreo cookie on its 100th birthday. The time line recalled favored slogans of yesteryear—“For the kid in all of us” in 1980, “Milk’s favorite cookie” in 2004—and important milestones. The Halloween Oreo was introduced in 1991, the Triple Double Oreo just last year. In with the new and, as they say, out with the old. You cannot hail progress, or even novelty, without acknowledging obsolescence.

In 1957 Plymouth introduced its new cars with the ingenious theme, “Suddenly . . . It’s 1960.” Here was progress, or novelty, so brutal that it made the Plymouth models for 1958 and 1959 obsolete before they even existed. I guess existing is something they never got to do.