The White Sox and Cubs both find themselves down 0-2 in their first-round baseball playoff series, but I’m not giving up on either. Both teams have excellent pitchers slated to start the rest of the way. The Sox will throw Gavin Floyd and, should he win, John Danks at the Tampa Bay Rays here at Sox Park. If both pitch the way they did earlier in the week in must-win games against the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins, and the Sox’ hitters respond to returning home, they could easily even the series and send it back to Florida for the finale, no doubt with Mark Buehrle on the mound. (Forget Javier Vazquez, the Sox’ equivalent to the Cubs’ Kosuke Fukudome.) The Cubs, meanwhile, have their pitcher with the best stuff, Rich Harden, going tonight, to be followed by Ted Lilly, their most consistent stopper over the course of the season, potentially against the Dodgers’ Derek Lowe working on short rest. Of course, as the series moves to LA, Lilly’s game two performance in last year’s  playoffs gives pause, as does this year’s teamwide performance so far under pressure.

Yet, before it’s too late, let me posit a delightfully ghastly possibility. If the Cubs and Sox meet in the World Series, and if there’s a rainout late in the series, and if it goes seven games, the finale could be played in front of the dark hordes at Sox Park — on Halloween night. How can the baseball gods resist that?