• Kaleigh Lockhart
  • Even a Yorkshire coal miner can have his fun: Ka Tet’s Salt of the Earth

This week, we’ve got several recommended dramas, plenty of Shakespeare, some surreal plays from Mexico, and one odd one from Finland. At the top of the to-see list is Oedipus el Rey at Victory Gardens Theater. Modern adaptations of ancient Greek tragedies are nothing new, but what distinguishes this one is that it makes the Oedipus tale feel completely American. Next comes A Steady Rain, Keith Huff’s crooked-cop drama, which premiered at Chicago Dramatists, got a Broadway run featuring Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman, and is back now at CD for a victory lap with the original cast. Reader contributor Dan Jakes warns: “If you missed it the first time around, by god, don’t miss it again.” The third Reader-recommended drama is Salt of the Earth—a well-acted, honest play, in Albert Williams’s judgment, about a Yorkshire coal miner’s family.

Tony Adler has reviewed each of the four entries in Halcyon Theatre’s Alcyone Festival, which is dedicated this year to the work of female Mexican playwrights. He says Halcyon is doing a great service in exposing English-speaking Chicagoans to these intriguing artists, but the productions are mostly uneven and underrehearsed. From worst to better: A Lover’s Dismantling, The Tip of the Iceberg, Two Dead Guys and a Banjo, and Freud Skating on Thin Ice.