I got a feeling Barry Blitt’s on his way to becoming the Steve Bartman of satirical journalists.

As we all know, Bartman’s the long-suffering Cub fan who helped spell doom for his favorite team back in game six of the 2003 National League Championship, when he slapped away a foul ball that Moise Alou was trying to catch. 

I know, I know the ensuig collapse wasn’t all Bartman’s fault. Alou, Mark Pryor, and Alex Gonzalez all had a hand in it. Still the picture of Bartman swatting the ball away from Alou is the iconic symbol of the collapse that will endure until the Cubs manage to win a world’s championship.

Blitt is the satirical cartoonist whose recent New Yorker cover gives life to the inner fear a lot of white people have about what Barack Obama’s presidential campaign represents.

I  know, I know, it’s satire and Blitt’s really making fun of bigots and everyone who doesn’t get the joke’s a big dummy, and the New Yorker shouldn’t care who wins, and so on and so forth….

I have to give Blitt credit. It’s a provocative image that stays with you long after you have seen it. I have a feeling it will be lingering in the minds f a lot of voters as theys tep in to the voiting book and, hands trembling, try to vote for Obama — before wimping out. I believe they call it the Bradley effect.

I’m sure the folks at the New Yorker can assuage their guilt when the Republicans are rejoicing by assuring one another that there’s really no difference between Obama and McCain anyway.