I used to think that Chicago had the world’s most gullible voters. Then I came to Iowa.

Following an Obama canvasser as he went door-to-door on the campus of the University of Iowa, I encountered a 20-something co-ed who claimed to be undecided.

She said she had been leaning toward Obama until she heard about his proposal to raise taxes.

The canvasser, a student named James, who had the patience of a saint, pointed out that it probably be years before she made $250,000. She said she was thinking of her parents. I asked her if they made $250,000. She said no.


I pointed out that with the country fighting wars on two fronts and having to pay for the $700 billion bailout, it would be highly doubtful if either candidate could avoid a tax hike.

She agreed.


So why are you leaning toward McCain? I asked.

She brightened and said she like his proposal to use federal money to pay for private school tuitions. “I went to a private school,” she said. “So it would be nice to have the tuition paid.”

Another pause. I looked at James and he looked at me. If such a promise exists, McCain’s done a pretty good job of keeping it a secret.

“So, you think McCain’s going to fight those wars, pay for the bailout, give your parents a tax break, and pay for private school tuition?”

She smiled.

James gave her a flier and we went on her way.