I’m tempted to set up a tent outside the Old Town School this weekend: Friday at 7, it’s Huun-Huur-Tu, the granddaddies of semi-pop crossover Tuvan throat-singing (indirectly, you have the late Richard Feynman to thank for this music’s appearance in the West). I saw them live at the OTS (when it was still on Armitage) years ago and was just dazzled by the eerie beauty of their voices amid an instrumental ensemble that echoed the sound of grass on the steppe and the hoofbeats of horses, with song structures not at all unfamiliar to a fan of, say, really old-school Appalachian music or eastern European Roma music.

Then on Saturday, it’s the amazing Tinariwen (Peter Margasak has a Critic’s Choice preview of the show in our next issue), and on Sunday, Robbie Fulks’s Secret Country hosts John McEuen and the great alt-country pioneer Jason Ringenberg (who’ll also play a children’s concert at 3 PM in his Farmer Jason persona). You can take a trip around the world just by stepping off the Brown Line.