Do you see a heart here?

Around since 1904 and reopened on Taylor Street this spring, Scafuri Bakery exudes cozy. The walls, hung with family photos, are a warm shade of ochre. Midcentury-style chairs clustered around a faux-wood Formica table could transport you to a nonna’s kitchen. Visiting late one Sunday morning, we saw neighborhood ladies shopping, coffee drinkers in for a pick-me-up, a family making a pit stop for pizza, pans of focaccia-like Roman-style pies sold by the square ($3.50 and huge) or by the sheet ($12.95; order ahead).

We, however, were there for baked goods, like a truly delightful almond croissant—the very last one, it turned out. Rich and satisfying, it was well worth $3.99, especially paired with a perfectly brewed iced coffee. My companion went for an equally good espresso brownie, dense with chunks of chocolate, doubling down with an iced mocha. There are other sweets to choose from: pies, pastries, decorated cakes, cannoli filled to order.