Syrian-born wedding singer turned global underground pop sensation Omar Souleyman is something of a favorite amongst Reader music critics, not only for his frenetic, Casio-based interpretations of traditional Middle Eastern party music but also for the crazy amounts of charisma that even his most lo-fi recordings crackle with. He’s also something of a favorite amongst tasteful alt music types—he’s recorded with Gorillaz and done remix work for Bjork.

Most recently he’s teamed up with Kieran Hebden, aka avant-dance producer and DJ Four Tet, for an entire album entitled Wenu Wenu that comes out October 22 on the Ribbon label. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s Souleyman’s first real studio album, although apparently much of it was tracked more or less like a live record. Judging by its eponymous lead single, Hebden’s given Souleyman a broader sonic palette to work with and thrown in a few clever little production tweaks, but overall let the man just be his own one-of-a-kind self.

You can stream it after the jump: