• Mad Men

The sixth season of Mad Men is almost here, and I wish I couldn’t wait. Two unfortunate things have happened to Don Draper, about whom the drama turns: He remarried successfully enough that you hope the marriage works, but if it works the bottom falls out of the show (last season’s problem). And the actor playing Don Draper revealed himself as a light comedian.

In the early seasons Don Draper was a man of mystery played by someone who might as well have been Don Draper, for all anyone knew about him otherwise. When in season two he slammed Bobbie Barrett up against a table and grabbed her under her dress, that was Draper at his outer limits of macho brutality. That scene would not play the same today, because it would be Jon Hamm, after Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock and Bridesmaids, letting us see he’s got more to offer than just the good-natured goof.