• Jon Langford & Skull Orchard

People obsessed with novelty are usually the ones who complain when a music writer revisits a particular subject. For a while in the 90s, certain readers (and even some of my editors) seemed convinced that I wrote about saxophonist Ken Vandermark every week—and though it’s true his name came up often because he played so regularly and in so many different contexts, needless to say I did no such thing. These days Vandermark spends so much time touring in Europe that when he plays in Chicago it’s almost as if he’s a touring artist. Jon Langford is another Chicago musician who does so much that it’d be easy to overcover him, except over the past two decades he’s remained as ubiquitous here as ever. He plays with the Waco Brothers, the Mekons, and in a zillion solo settings, including with his hard-rocking band Skull Orchard.