Robert Caros latest installment of The Years of Lyndon Johnson
  • Seth Anderson
  • Robert Caro’s latest installment of The Years of Lyndon Johnson

In the New York Times Book Review cover story yesterday, the 42nd president offered his assessment of a biography of the 36th president. It’s not often that a former president reviews a book, but The Passage of Power is no ordinary book. It’s the fourth volume of Robert A. Caro’s epic biography of Lyndon Johnson.

Caro is the Michael Jordan of historians. (NBA fans often called Jordan the Bob Caro of basketball. Or could have.) Caro’s three previous LBJ volumes, plus his 1975 biography of Robert Moses, The Power Broker, have, in all, won two Pulitzer Prizes in biography, two National Book Critics Circle Awards, and a National Book Award. In 2010, President Obama awarded Caro the National Humanities Medal.