• Jourdon Gullett’s artwork for Ravaged by Vikings

So far my beer reviews have involved me nursing a bottle of something special in my apartment, on account of it’s easier that way to take notes (and serviceable pictures). But on Saturday I decided to go to Acre for lunch and see if they had anything on tap I could review—even though that meant I’d be obligated to bring a notepad and my janky old camera into a bar, since I don’t own a smartphone, a laptop, or anything in between.

Luckily I found a douple IPA called Ravaged by Vikings, from a newish Naperville brewery called Solemn Oath that distributes its beer exclusively on tap. It’s the big brother of Kidnapped by Vikings, one of the first Solemn Oath releases upon its opening in May 2012. Ravaged by Vikings has been around since late fall, assuming that the dates of its online reviews at Beer Advocate can be trusted.