RedEye and Target make quite a team. Target moves into the Tribune Tower for a few days, setting up a “Bullseye Bazaar” in first-floor retail space May 7 through 9. And the Tower’s jauntiest product, RedEye, moves into Target, showing up Thursday  inside a four-page Target ad wrapper promoting the bazaar.

At first glance, the front page of the Target ad looks like it’s the front page of RedEye — a RedEye that held its nose and instead of surrendering a small patch of page one to an advertiser (something just about every newspaper seems willing to do nowadays) sold off the who damn page. At second glance, it isn’t the front page — it’s an ad concealing the front page. A strip across the top tells the story: “Your Full RedEye Inside.”

But let’s take a third glance, and think a little harder. What is a front page? It’s the page in front, no? It’s the face of the paper that looks out at the public from behind the glass of the honor boxes. And on Thursday, in RedEye’s red honor boxes, that face screeches, “BULLSEYE BAZAAR / Big Smiles on the Mag Mile / 3 days to save / Tribune Tower . . . ” Etcetera.

And at fourth glance, RedEye isn’t pretending the Thursday edition begins inside. The second page of the ad wrapper is numbered page two and after the first page of editorial, with no page number, comes a numbered page four. The last page of the Target wrap, and of the edition, is numbered page 44.

So let’s give RedEye points for integrity. In these times, a paper’s gotta do what it’s gotta do. Maybe RedEye‘s making enough off of Target for this to pay a salary to a reporter who might otherwise get the heave-ho.

This is twice in three days I’ve written about a RedEye cover — so maybe they’re doing something right. I’ve asked editor Tran Ha to comment on the Target partnership. When she gets back to me I’ll get back to you.