A proud tradition
  • A proud tradition

The opinions expressed in the following article do not necessarily reflect the views of this journalist. Or, I hope, of very many others.

Here’s the article: “Come On, Augusta: Do the Right Thing!” It was posted by John Cassidy on the New Yorker website on April 7. Cassidy begins:

Kudos to Karen Crouse, the golf correspondent at the Times, who has raised the possibility of the media boycotting the Masters unless Augusta National, the snooty country club that hosts the tournament, agrees to admit some female members.

“If it were left to me, which it seldom is in the power structure of writer versus editor, I’d probably not come cover this event again until there is a woman member,” Crouse told Golf.com on Thursday. “More and more, the lack of a woman member is just a blue elephant in the room.”