• Ellie Goulding

For a new blog series, I’ll be taking a weekly look at the pop charts. Pop music is a very strange and exciting place to be right now. While the Hot 100 still has its share of oppressively bland rock and tepid R&B, the crumbling of genre boundaries and vastly easier access to new music compared to pre-Internet times has brought formerly esoteric sounds such as dubstep and indie rock into the mainstream and has allowed anarchic weirdos like Nicki Minaj and Diplo to cavort up the charts. Sure, the utterly vapid, inexplicably unkillable Maroon 5 holds the number one spot right now, but the Hot 100 also includes a summer-dominating song based on an obscure 80s dancehall sample, one that combines chillwave-ish synth pop with Auto-Tuned rapping, a Postal Service clone, and Pitchfork darlings who’ve made the jump to the pop world.