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  • President and granny?

It’s no surprise that the Chicago Tribune today saw fit to reprint an astoundingly wacky Bloomberg News column about Hillary Clinton’s pending entry into grandparenthood.

Sexist, ageist Hillary bashing is nothing new there.

The surprise is that the column—running in print under the Second-City-ready headline “Can Hillary Clinton rock the cradle and the world?”—was written by Margaret Carlson, who broke barriers herself as Time magazine’s first female columnist, and who must know that “president” and “grandparent” are not mutually exclusive jobs.

If they were, a whole bunch of those 60-something-year-old white guys who somehow managed to serve as president while they were grandfathers would have been out of luck.

But here’s Carlson, without a hint of irony, suggesting that “What’s most interesting to contemplate is the effect becoming a grandmother will have on Clinton’s ambition.” And, “We may find out if a grandchild can impinge on a grandmother’s peak presidential campaign years.”

Huh? If Hillary was going to raise the kid herself, this might be a footnote on the campaign. As it is, it’s a total nonissue.