• Poor People Are Revolting

Yesterday Pittsburgh’s the Gotobeds released their debut album, Poor People Are Revolting, on Austin record label 12XU (prefaced by a full-album stream on NPR late last month). The foursome have drawn plenty of comparisons to Brooklyn hotshots Parquet Courts in their brief history, thanks mostly to their keen ability to write hooky, tight slacker punk with jagged-but-jangly guitar lines and vocals that have been spiced with a couple tablespoons of misanthropy. One of the album’s best tracks—and today’s 12 O’Clock Track—”New York’s Alright” was initially released on a seven-inch back in March via Mind Cure Records. Like any good band from a midmajor city within a day’s drive of NYC, the Gotobeds are out to prove that Brooklyn ain’t all it’s cracked up to be; it’s cool if you’re concerned with doing what’s cool, or whatever. This is illustrated right from the beginning with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, “New York’s alright if you can get your dick sucked/Collegiate display of postclassic head fuck.” The track has an official video and everything; check it out below.