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Here’s something interesting about college football. You may have noticed it for yourself.

College football stinks to high heaven.

Consider the college football story on page one of Friday’s Tribune. It’s by John Keilman, and it’s about Adrian Arrington, who’s only 26, and just a few years ago was playing in the defensive backfield at Eastern Illinois University. According to Keilman, Arrington says he was coached to play “hard, fast and without regard for safety.” And he paid a price.

Now Arrington is suing the NCAA, claiming the concussions he suffered on the gridiron led to “memory loss, migraine headaches, depression and seizures” that keep him from holding a job and compromise his ability to care for his children.

Helping illustrate Keilman’s story is a picture of Arrington back in the day. The caption: “Penn State running back Joe Suhey leaps over Eastern Illinois cornerback Adrian Arrington in 2009. Arrington was a star defensive player.”