Salt caramel sorceress Katie Das of Das Foods recently rolled out a series of four small but intensely flavored lollipops. This is not the secret line of exotic sweets she was scheming to develop back when we spoke, but the two I tried are very tasty. The salt caramel flavor has a rounded, creamy mouth feel (from heavy cream, natch), not too sweet, with a few tiny lavender blossoms suspended in the matrix. The ginger-lemon I’m sucking on as I type is tart, and sweeter with a spicy tingle. I got these for 75 cents a pop at Provenance, which didn’t have the maple-bacon or orange-pomegranate flavors in stock. That’s steep for a dinky little lolli, but like Das caramels, these unleash a lot of flavor in a tiny bite. And also like the caramels: no corn syrup, no artificial flavors.