• Mike Sula
  • Eomuk bokkeum, the Chicken McNugget of Korean cuisine

I’ve recently been forced to admit that one of my greatest pleasures from the banchan bar at JoongBoo Market, aka Chicago Food, is now a guilty pleasure. Eomuk bokkeum, or fried fish cakes, belong to that family of processed fish products in Japanese and Korean cuisine that are most frequently put to use in oden, or odeng, respectively. In Korea, odeng, or eomuk, is often sold from nighttime street-food stalls, and consists of various skewered fish cakes simmering in broth. The closest you can get to this around town is at the Korean Festival on Bryn Mawr in the heat of August, which is too bad because a fish stick in a cup of hot soup along with a shot (or three) of soju are just the things to warm your blood on a night like the one coming up.