I like bacon (note I do not ask who doesn’t?). I like barbecue just fine, and smoked meats too. But I have to say I’ve never really understood the transports these meatstuffs send their worshippers into. Now I do, or at the very least I have a better grasp on the phenomenon. Because now I have tried the Montreal-style smoked meat, aka viande fumée, aka pastrami, at Fumaré Meats & Deli, a mom-and-pop stand in the Chicago French Market.

I know, I know, I’ve been remiss. The market, in the Ogilvie Transportation Center, is just a puddle jump from the Loop, and Fumaré has been there since it opened in 2009. Steve Dolinsky, ABC 7’s Hungry Hound, paid the stand a visit last August. Fumaré’s smoked meat made Time Out Chicago‘s list of the 100 best things staffers ate and drank in 2011. So I’m late to the party. I’ll make up for it. From now on I’ll be early.