• Mike Sula
  • Baby potatoes with soy sauce, Northern City

This week I wrote about Bridgeport’s Homestyle Taste, which at the time of its opening in early October was the city’s only restaurant specializing the food of China’s far northeastern provinces, collectively known as Dongbei. That distinction ended a little over a month later when Northern City opened just a few blocks north on 31st Street.

Normally I don’t eat at a restaurant on its first day in business, but the sheer coincidence (or not) of two new Dongbei restaurants opening so close together compelled me to have lunch on day one at Northern City, whose chef, Cheng Hai Wang, used to work at Ed’s Potsticker House, Chicago’s very first Beijing-ese restaurant. Ed’s happens to sit smack in between Homestyle Taste and Northern City, which by the Power of Threes has now established this little corner of Bridgeport as a northern-Chinese restaurant row.