• Mike Sula
  • black and white pudding, with a side of back bacon

The city’s bloodlust is achieving vampiric insatiablity of late. From the iron-rich morcilla purveyed at the Butcher & Larder and Publican Quality Meats to the noodly sundae at last month’s Korean Festival to the delicate blood sausage gracing the tripe and garbanzos on Vera’s opening menu last year, encased ichor is showing up everywhere these days.

Now comes Nick Spencer, proprietor of the Anglocentric Spencer’s Jolly Posh Foods, who’s selling his own black-and-white puddings and British-style back bacon—the essential components of every proper English breakfast. Spencer, an expat who’s already made waves with his English bangers at local farmers’ markets, recently opened a storefront in Lakeview and is selling a whole raft of English and Irish products, making the long drive down to Tinley Park’s Winston’s no longer a necessity the next time you run out of Aero bars or HP Sauce.