I love those little things that happen sometimes to remind you how rad the Internet is. I don’t really care enough about artsy indie-rock music videos to try to seek them out, but someone just put a whole shitload (50 videos = one shitload) of them on one page of their blog. And then, since I’m not going to just poke around Google looking for people who have put tons of indie-rock videos on one Web page, someone goes and puts a post about it up on Metafilter, and I get it right in my RSS feed. With the Internet, you don’t even realize you’d ever had a problem before it’s already presented you with an efficient solution.

If reading this sentence makes you realize that you need some sort of outrageously psychedelic music that needs a string of probably at least three or four genre modifiers (world-jazz rock? smooth-folk psych?) to accurately describe it, go check out Yeasayer. I know, it didn’t sound like a problem I had either, and then Hopper sent me a link and now it’s all better.