According to a new Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America—barely. Clinton’s runner-up, Sarah Palin, almost knocked the Secretary of State from the most-admired perch (one she’s assumed 14 times). If you think that’s sad, check out the also-rans:

The third-most-admired woman in America is Oprah Winfrey, with 8 percent; fourth on the list is Michelle Obama, with 7 percent. Makes sense so far. Next up are Condoleezza Rice and Queen Elizabeth II—each with 2 percent. (Oddly, British royalty counts: the poll is actually meant to determine the woman most admired by Americans). Then we have the one-percent group: a four-way tie between Margaret Thatcher, Maya Angelou, Angela Merkel and . . . Elin Nordegren Woods.

Let’s see: We’ve got heads of state, cultural ambassadors, high-ranking government officials, and a lady who married a douchebag. One of these things is not like the other!

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