The cocktail menu at Joie de Vine is literally nonexistent. In its place is a brief paragraph explaining that if you tell the bartenders what spirits and flavors you like, they’ll make you a drink tailored to your tastes. (The bar originally focused on wine, but has recently shifted to cocktails and beer.)

It’s an unusual approach to cocktail making: while most cocktail bars will make you a custom drink if you ask, I’ve never come across one before that entirely forgoes a menu. Everything I tried on a recent visit was excellent, though, on par with what you’d get at the Whistler or other bars focused on the craft. None of them had names, of course (though I’m sure the obliging bartender would have made up names if we’d asked her to), but both a rye cocktail with lemon, ginger, and orange bitters, and a gin-based drink with cucumber and “spanked” mint were light and well balanced. All cocktails are $10, and you can get nonalcoholic drinks custom-mixed for $5.