• I Sell the Circus

Guided by Voices officially called it quits one month ago, so naturally the group’s always-busy and ultraprolific front man Robert Pollard has a new record with a new band on the way. That didn’t take long. This time around he’s fronting a project called Ricked Wicky, a collaboration with a few other Dayton staples, some of whom have spent time in GBV themselves. A tune from Ricked Wicky’s debut LP, I Sell the Circus has surfaced—today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Mobility”—and it’s really great, as expected. Pollard’s been on a serious roll since Guided by Voices reunited in 2010, cranking out records with them and alone nonstop, focusing on lean, catchy pop-rock.”Mobility” follows suit: it’s simple, upbeat, and brimming with hooks. Check it out below.

I Sell the Circus comes out early next year.