* Tribune Company star columnist Jonah Goldberg FTW: Barack Obama has it easy because he’s black. Double standards sure make it hard for white candidates in America. Apparently if he was white, the McCain campaign would be hitting him “twice as hard,” and obviously that would be working out swell because the real problem with the McCain campaign is that it’s way too positive.

I find his piece incredibly offensive and loaded with guilt-by-association: Peter Beinart is not a “Liberal Democrat.”

* Not to worry–the McCain camp has a special plan to bring out their “best material for the last ten days of the race.” Until then they will presumably continue to use the same lackluster, confused approach that torpedoed McCain’s greatest appeal. And just in time!

* One of the crushing flaws in McCain’s attempt to paint Obama as a radical/liberal/etc is that it’s really a play for staunch Republicans; meanwhile, Obama is actively courting the moderates that were supposed to be in play for McCain and might have been if his campaign, like, tried.

* Goldberg’s National Review colleague Christopher Buckley endorses Obama and bails from his dad’s mag.

* Ezra Klein has more on the Employee Free Choice Act.

* Uh oh.