It’s no secret that I love local trash-thrash three-piece Oozing Wound, so any news on an upcoming release of theirs is always going to be something that gets me excited. This time around the band is gearing to drop a split LP on Thrill Jockey with labelmate Black Pus—the super weird solo outing of Brain Chippendale, drummer for spazzy noise monsters Lightning Bolt. The projects shared a bill at the Empty Bottle about a year ago, and it was those paths crossing that ultimately lead to Oozing Wound’s Thrill Jockey signing, so it was only natural for them to wind up on the same disc together. While preview tracks for Wound’s side of the split are, unfortunately, not available yet, a few days ago we got to hear one of the Black Pus jams, and it’s great. Possibly the most restrained and minimal song that Chippendale has ever made, “Blood Will Run,” is a simple, driving one-two drum beat accompanied by dry, deadpan vocals. A far cry from the intense, indecipherable cacophony he usually creates with Black Pus and Lightning Bolt. Halfway through the song, a signature drum blitz and noise blast pops up, but it’s not long before things return back to a simple drum march. You can hear the track below.

YouTube video

The split will be available on 6/17.