• Joe Martinez Jr.
  • Oozing Wound

A new full-length from local thrash trio Oozing Wound is on its way in October—but if you’re like me and getting anxious to hear new material from the band, here’s a tune to hold you over. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Drug Reference,” which was released in the Adult Club Singles series earlier this week. On their first LP, last year’s Retrash, Oozing Wound had it dialed in, playing no-frills thrash metal, but this time around they seem to be spacing out a bit, slamming away at repetitive, dizzying riffs and toying around with techy, proggy shredding. It’s good to hear new Ooze, and comforting to know that these guys are still the hardest, sharpest band in town. Check out “Drug Reference” below.