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Oozing Wound, the local thrash trio made up of members from noise outfits like Cacaw, Bad Drugs, and Unmanned Ship—a band that I have unabashedly and publicly gushed over since I covered their second show in January 2012—have just been picked up by local mega-indie label Thrill Jockey, home to some of the biggest and most eclectic sounds in underground music today. Nice work, Ooze-boys! The new LP, titled Retrash—recorded this winter at Electrical Audio with Matty Russell—is a seven-song, 32-minute blast of streamlined, high-intensity heavy metal, and will feature two remastered songs from the Vape & Pillage tape they released on drummer Kyle Reynolds’s Rotted Tooth Recordings at the end of last year. Thrill Jockey, whose staff caught Oozing Wound at the show they played with now-labelmate Black Pus last month, is no stranger to releasing heavy music—they’ve put out records by controversial “transcendental black metal” band Liturgy and a release from heady drone duo the Body is on the way—but Retrash, which is due in the middle of October, will arguably be the label’s most straightforward metal release. That’s part of what makes this band so great: you take three dudes from some of the city’s grossest, weirdest bands, and together they create a simple, powerful thrash unit.