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  • Adam Dunn will hit more homers than Prince Fielder this year, sez me.

It’s opening day, and time to make baseball predictions if I hope to regain the Golden BAT. I neglected to make any formal predictions last year, and that was unfortunate, in that I was all over the Milwaukee Brewers, although to be honest I would have picked the White Sox as well.

Yet this year I’m picking the White Sox again—a bolder choice, as the team has been predicted by Sports Illustrated to lose 95 games. (The magazine’s jinx struck again last week, when it put Ohio State’s men’s basketball team on the cover; shouldn’t the jinx work in reverse when the magazine predicts something bad to happen?)

I think the team’s pitching could be very good, with Chris Sale in the rotation and if Jake Peavy returns to form. And I think the offense will be good enough with a revived Adam Dunn. In fact, here’s another prediction I’m willing bet on (at the right odds, say Rebel Yell to Blanton’s): Dunn will hit more homers than the Detroit Tigers’ newly acquired Prince Fielder.