Governor Bruce Rauner is facing a challenge from state rep Jeanne Ives in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Credit: G-JUN YAM/AP PHOTOS
Governor Bruce faces state rep Jeanne Ives in the Republican gubernatorial primary.
Governor Bruce faces state rep Jeanne Ives in the Republican gubernatorial primary.Credit: G-JUN YAM/AP PHOTOS

Welcome to the Reader‘s weekday news briefing.

  • Ives: Bruce Rauner’s move into Quincy veterans’ home a “cynical and transparent publicity stunt”

Governor Bruce Rauner moved into the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy late last week in the midst of controversy over the death of 13 veterans at the state-run home from Legionnaires’ disease on his watch. “He plans to spend several days there with the residents and staff,” his spokeswoman, Rachel Bold, said Thursday. “He wants to gain a more thorough understanding of the clinical, water-treatment and residential operations of the home.” First lady Diana Rauner was also supposed to stay over the weekend. GOP state representative Jeanne Ives, who is running against Rauner in the March 20 primary, called the stay a “cynical and transparent publicity stunt.” [Politico]

  • Chuy Garcia: Chris Kennedy was right about Emanuel’s plan to make Chicago whiter

Cook County commissioner and congressional candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia agrees with gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy’s assessment that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is spearheading a “strategic gentrification plan” to force people of color out of Chicago. Garcia, who ran against Emanuel and forced him into a runoff race in 2015, said the mayor has had years to make the changes promised during his first run for mayor in 2011. “The lack of investment in Chicago’s poorest communities obviously drives people to leave the city seeking communities that are safer, that are more affordable, that have more opportunities,” Garcia said. [Tribune]

  • It’s so cold that even rats are freezing to death

Temperatures in Chicago last week were so brutally cold that even rats were freezing to death, according to the Sun-Times. Chicagoans have been noticing dead residents in alleys and on sidewalks, and they need to be careful. “The dead ones are dangerous to have around, if you think of rodents as a vector of disease, which they are,” Rose Pest Solutions’ Janelle Iaccino said. “It’s scary when you think about dogs walking in alleys, if a dog puts the frozen rat in its mouth and thinks it’s a toy, now you have to take the dog to the vet.” [Sun-Times]

  • Strike avoided: City reaches tentative agreement with garbage truck, snow plow drivers

The city of Chicago has avoided a strike by reaching a tentative contract agreement with Teamsters Local 700, the union that represents the city’s garbage truck and snow plow drivers. Without the last-minute deal, union members were going to vote on a possible strike Sunday. “Negotiations were long and difficult,” Teamsters Local 700 president Becky Strzechowski said in a statement. “Local 700 members are entitled to a fair and equitable agreement that reflects the extraordinary sacrifices they make on behalf of the citizens of Chicago.” [CBS Chicago]

  • Police department adds 53 new officers to the force

The Chicago Police Department has added 53 new officers to the force. The officers were deployed to their new district assignments Sunday, according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It’s part of Emanuel’s plan to add 1,000 new officers to the CPD over several years. [CBS Chicago]

  • Former Publican chef Cosmo Goss no longer involved with Pacific Standard Time

Former Publican restaurants executive chef Cosmo Goss was fired along with a Publican GM in October after they failed to take proper actions against staff members who’d engaged in inappropriate behavior in sharing a “personal” photo of a female staffer. Now he’s no longer involved with Pacific Standard Time, his long-planned upcoming restaurant with Publican owner One Off Hospitality and chef Erling Wu-Bower’s new company Underscore Hospitality. The split took place around Thanksgiving, according to Eater Chicago. [Eater Chicago]